Best of the Best Staking/Earn Rates (Update Nov 2021)


**Better Format and Link of ALL Rates Chart Here** -Please view “Warning” Tab before Transferring your coins!!!

Axie Infinity AXS 131.25% – Binance (NOT USA)

Pancake CAKE Up to 90% Auto -Cake Swap (see link in chart)

Hydra HYDRA 46.49% – KuCoin

API3 API3 39.99% Native wallet (see Link in Chart)

Algorand ALGO 5.5%-33% -Algowallet

Harmony ONE 20.15% -Binance (NOT USA)

KAVA KAVA 20% -Kraken

Kusama KSM 19.43% -Binance (NOT USA)

The Graph GRT 17.38% -Binance (NOT USA)

Celer Network CELR 16.87% -Binance (NOT USA)

Polkadot DOT 16.62% -Binance (NOT USA)

IOST IOST 15.92% -Binance (NOT USA)

Bitcoin BTC 15.00% – Haru Invest (up to 25% w/special program)

Ethereum ETH 15.00% – Haru Invest (up to 25% w/special program)

Tether USDT 15.00% – Haru Invest (up to 25% w/special program)

Polygon MATIC 14.09% -Binance (NOT USA)

Binance Coin BNB 14.08% -Trust Wallet

Synthetix SNX 13.99% -Celsius

ICON ICX 13.62% -Binance (NOT USA)

Filecoin FIL 13.34% -Binance (NOT USA)

Cosmos ATOM 12.78% -Binance (NOT USA) Coin CRO Up to 12.18% deFi wallet

Nexo NEXO 12.00% -Nexo

Fantom FTM 3.78% – 11.55% -FTM Wallet

Solana SOL 11.50% -Binance (NOT USA)

Tezos XTZ 10.60% -Binance (NOT USA)

Dai DAI 10.00%

USD Coin USDC 10.00%

Cardano ADA 8.38% -Binance (NOT USA)

NOTE: Voyager decreased their rates heavily this month.

NOTE2: added a few great rates! Use this site to grab the best rates before they expire:

NOTE3: USA folks please see the link at the top for alternative rates. They aren’t as nice as the above ones on and FTX, but still fantastic!

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