Best “lifehacks” in crypto that everyone should know from the start?


I’ve been in cryptoverse for a while now and I keep seeing newbies ask for tips in crypto, all from how to buy on DeFi to smaller things. I was wondering, what is the best life hack for you in cryptocurrencies? Anything is fine, from trading, storing, buying, selling, securing, whatever comes to your mind that you’d want newbies to know about. There is a lot of new people here everyday now and I thought that sharing such small life hacks would be nice for them.

For me the biggest life hack in crypto I found is using XLM (Stellar Lumens) to move funds around. When I first started trading I used BTC to move funds around and …that wasn’t really smart. Then I heard someone talking about using XLM to move because it’s ultra fast and ultra cheap. Best hint I got 🙂

What are your lifehacks in crypto?

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