Best and worst moves you’ve made with cryptocurrency?


Simply put what are some moves or buys you’ve made in crypto that turned out good and/or not so good for you?

To start with- one of the biggest mistakes I feel like I made in crypto was I could have made somewhere around $9000 in profit when Dogecoin had that SNL night.

I managed to get in pretty cheap for the time and bought into the hype. So when it spiked I didn’t sell cause I thought it would eventually go to a dollar which clearly did not happen to date. Also as silly as Dogecoin is, it was a gateway for me to get into more serious cryptos so I don’t regret it and I think I probably made a little money anyway there.

Best moves I’ve had is probably getting to a full ETH and more during some times when it was dipping a while back. I remember thinking it was too expensive to get a full one for me and I eventually managed to during its dips over a number of buys.

I also feel good about some LRC buys I made but time will tell.

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