Ben Cowen on Intothecryptoverse YouTube Channel is… always wrong. Convince me otherwise.


A friend turned me on to the intothecryptoverse YouTube channel some years ago, and I have been following the channel for some time now, and I’m starting to really feel like this guy, Ben Cowen, gets way more credit than he deserves.

He built his whole channel around this notion of “lengthening cycles” based all these charts and prior data saying that the next bull market would be longer than the prior cycles. A lot of it made sense and there was data showing a pattern of lengthening cycles, and his channel continued to grow and people were eating this shit up, and his weekly updates showing the data he suggested pointed to this occurring.

He kept pushing and pushing this narrative assuring his avid followers that the top was not in and that cycle would lengthen because of x, y and z chart’s data. Then… BTC and the crypto market PLUMMETED well before the cycle had lengthened than the preceding cycle, yet this guy kept holding out and holding out, and kept telling people the cycle still had a chance to lengthen, and blah blah blah. But of course, as we all know now, that did not happen, and the guy just continues pumping out new shill predictions like they’re mathematical truths without ever acknowledging the biggest narrative he was selling was completely wrong.

Now flash forward to the bear market. Mr. Cowen starts telling all of his viewers BTC Dominance is going to rise and there is no way that alt coins or ETH were going to outperform BTC this bear cycle. He pulls out all of his charts and all the data and blah blah blah, and keeps encouraging viewers to check out his premium list to see all this data that proves what he saying and so on and so forth. Then what happens? Sure as shit, BTC dominance gets wreckkkkkkked, and ETH is blowing upppp.

And this clown pretends like he never said a word of it, and keeps just pivoting to some new proposal, all the while no one calls foul. This guy has gotten it allllll wrong, but he still has the reputation of being the most well-informed, unbiased, and objective crypto technician out there. And if anyone says anything contrary, you’re made into a damn pariah.

I just don’t see it what other’s see, at all. Sure, he’s a nice guy and has access to all the charts in the world, but that doesn’t mean a thing, if the conclusions you derive from them are always wrong. Am I missing something? Someone please explain to me what I’m not seeing?

To end, my conclusion is that NO ONE has the answers in this space, and one shill is no different than the next, no matter how “objective” they try and make themselves appear. This guy is clearly making a killing on his premium list, but I’m definitely not buying what he’s selling.

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