Being in crypto is like being in a cult and I love it


“Crypto is essentially an economic cult that taps into very base human instincts of fear, greed and tribalism”

Stephen Diehl, a crypto-sceptic software engineer

Most groups identified as cults feature a single charismatic leader, something that the crypto world lacks. But many other classic hallmarks of culthood — apocalypticism, the promise of utopia for worthy believers, shunning of external critics and vitriolic denouncement of heretical insiders — are increasingly dominant.

Crypto-cultism promises a social and financial revolution that will energise technological innovation, all the while rewarding the worthy with vast wealth. Many cults have offered such transformative promises, but few if any have posed such risks to retail investors, central banks and even the environment if they cannot live up to them.

When I see the crypto parties I would love to take part of it! Looks fun to party with people with the same visions.

What do you think about this ?

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