Bear (or bull) markets do not happen overnight


Bear markets are slow-burn events, littered with false rallies + rises – all designed to drain retail money on the way down. In 2018, BTC dropped from a ~$19.2k ATH to ~$6.8k over the course of 7 weeks. But it took 12-13 months for the drop to fully play out and BTC to hit $3.5k, despite several rallies to $9-10k:


Nobody can predict what will happen next, but whatever happens, it will certainly take time before the picture is clear.

Staring at 15m charts and frantically riding every trough, every peak is a sure-fire way to lose money to market movers/manipulators, FOMO in and out and take a hit to your mental health.

15m charts, 1h charts, 3h charts – they all give the impression that time is of the essence and that you must act quickly. This is simply not the case. Zoom out. 1D/1W/1M charts are your friends.

Take the time to consider your next moves, and most of all, take care of yourself. After all, you need to be alive and functional to enjoy your future crypto gains.

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