Bear markets end just as unexpectedly as bull runs. We will be months past the bottom when the experts will say “the bull is back”


Remember how since November until March the experts couldn’t see eye to eye on a simple question — are we in a bull market or bear market?

Some noticed we were steadily going down. Others highlighted the fact that BTC was “chilling at 40k” and propheted the third peak.

The thing about terminology is that it’s descriptive, not predictive.

Bear market is a prolonged decline in prices of more than 20% (that’s for the stock market, crypto is more volatile so crypto bear is about double that).

Only after 4 months of steady decline, when BTC just kept falling, the experts had their simultaneois DiCaprio moment — there, we’re in the bear market.

Guess what, now it will take about 4 months of steady growth before these same experts will tell you it’s the bull market again.

Needless to say the prices will be way past the bottom and back to Septemberish levels.

Time to buy is generally before we’re officially in the bull market.

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