Bear Markets are for Building


I have noticed something lately, the posts on this sub have changed drastically. In the bull run 80% of posts were about price action, now in the bear market 80% of posts are about the technology of crypto (Example: BIP119, ETH 2.0 etc). That proves that bear markets are really for development and technological advancements.

I like to think of it like this, think of the bear market like the beginning of a building contest, the contest gives you time to build your submission before the competition time. Similarly in the bear market the Devs build their coins, networks, DAO’s or whatever and when the bull market comes and the money pours in, the best project gets the most adoption, attention and market cap and the cycle goes on.

What do you guys think of the bear market and how it could be used.

Thank you for reading my post Have a nice day!

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