BCH Bcash is a total shitcoin, and Canada regulators including this among “Top 4” coins, while imposing limits on other coins shows how regulators are clueless about crypto.


This is straight from CMC page on BCH.

As you can see, BCH/bcash has never created any return in its history and people buying it even 4 or 5 years ago are in losses.

If you had bought BCash at any point since its inception, you would most likely be down today. Or at best, breaking even.

If you had bought BCash when it launched in Aug 2017 at $500, you would be down now ($133).

If you had bought BCash in peak of 2017 cycle i.e Dec 2017 at $1500 to $3000, you would be down now.. by a big margin.

If you had bought Bcash in depths of last bear market (Jan 2019) at $100-$140, you would be slightly up or just around break even after 3 years ($133)

If you had bought Bcash in July 2019 at $300, you would be down now ($133)

Even if you had bought BCash in depths of covid crash (17 March 2020) at $170, you would still be down now ($133)

You can pretty much choose any buying point for Bcash, and odds are you would be in losses now.

In contrast, if you had bought any random coin in the Covid crash, you would likely be up. If you had bought DOGE or Polygon or just blindly picked another one, you would have been up thousands of %.. but not BCH BCash.

However, according to Canadian regulators, one can buy as much of Bcash they want to but have to limit purchases of other coins to just $30k per year.

By what logic does this make any sense? Protecting investors? When BCash has never generated any returns in it history?

Sure, it may make sense from a regulatory perspective to limit people’s exposure to risky crypto, but to include BCH in the list of coins that people can buy without limits?

It shows regulators are full of crap and have no understanding of crypto markets.

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