Bank is charging me $12/month for not having enough money in a specific account. Can we just speed up this mass crypto adoption already?


Apparently the checking account at my bank CHASE is suppose to have a minimum starting balance of $1,500 or they charge me $12 for a “service fee”. So if just one day out of the month, my account goes below $1,499, I automatically have to pay another $12.

I could have $1,499 in a checking account and have $3,000 in a savings account, I’ll still be charged the $12 monthly service fee.

It’s like taking more money away from people, just because they don’t have enough money. I guess that’s the American way huh

I currently live in Thailand so I can’t just change my bank, I’m just stuck with them and there’s not much I can do right now other than just get shit on until I can go home in November and close my account.

Fuck can we just speed up crypto adoption so we can stop the banks from fucking us every chance they get?

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