Bank blocks whole Account because of Crypto Transaction and Freezes All Money, Saying Crypto would not be Welcome


(This happened to u/kundeistkoenig, translated by me into English # Comdirect is a German bank operated by Commerzbank)

After my EC card was unexpectedly rejected in the supermarket yesterday, there was mail from Comdirect in the mailbox today:

Cancellation of the entire account with two months notice.

This comes as a surprise, as I have been a customer there for six years, have never had an overdraft and have used my account and credit card very actively.

So I called them directly and asked about it. The woman on the phone then finally admitted, after some initial phrases, that the cancellation took place because I had received transfers from a crypto exchange (Kraken) in recent weeks and this was undesirable.

Super. It’s legal, but puts everyone under general suspicion who has something to do with crypto.

But the best was yet to come. When I wanted to transfer the credit to an account at another institution after the phone call, the transfer was rejected with the note that it was blocked, I should contact customer service.

So I called them again, this time with much more anger. Now a man on the phone, he told me that it was strange that transfers are blocked, since the cancellation actually only takes effect at the end of December.

He can now only arrange a check, which will take a week. The best thing for me to do is to write a letter asking him to transfer the money to an external account.

Fantastic. I get my account cancelled without warning. I make a fool of myself at the supermarket because my card is declined. And now I have to write a letter to an online bank asking them to pay out my balance.

I am really stunned. comdirect is holding a five-digit amount hostage and refers me to writing a letter.

If I didn’t have other accounts, I would be pretty much screwed right now. At least I can pay my rent and buy something to eat.

Next week, I will pass the whole thing on to a lawyer, consumer protection, BaFin (Germanys top financial watchdog) and maybe a newspaper.

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