Back in 2012, a guy wanted to sell 10 Bitcoins for the price of 65€ to me. I called him scammer.


Back in university time (2012), i met a guy, who was studying Computer Science in cafeteria of the university.

We were talking about different topics until we reached the Bitcoin topic.

He asked me if I knew what Bitcoin is. I said I have heard of it and I know Bitcoin is used mostly in dark web by criminals.

He smiled and said not necessarily! Bitcoin is pure, magical math. What is more important is the technology behind it.

Long story short, he said that he was mining Bitcoin and asked if I was interested to buy some (10 BTCs for the price of 65€).

I was bored, confused and kind of fed up with the Bitcoin topic and told him proudly that I could not be scammed that easily!

He laughed hard and said “ yeah sure, anyway was nice talking to you” and left.

9 years later, I still think about it every day.

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