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This is just another bear market rally…

Everyone getting FOMO, forgetting all the macro economic headwinds. This is but a small bear market rally, just like the one I’ve highlighted in 2018 (i cant add images but in 2018 there was a similar run from 6 to 9k, then back down to 6 then inevitably 3k) just as people are doing right now yelling how the bottoms in and better days are ahead. The bulls gonna get hard trapped, we haven’t even seen actual capitulation yet. Shanghai hard fork in march. All the staked eth is finally gonna be able to be withdrawn, if the user wishes to. This can be done at a fixed rate of 40,000 ETH per day. (Edited for clarity) What does that mean? Selling pressure. MtGox refund in March, oh wait, more selling pressure. People banging on about the bottom and how no one sold during the FTX fiasco. This is just a massive short squeeze, the tide will turn the other way before you know it. Now, I’m not tryna shit on yalls little party and I know your already smashing the downvote writing a mean comment. But I stand by my word, either I’ll become a meme or a genius. See yall in 3/4 months. Best of luck! submitted by /u/Aiirene [link] [comments]

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$729.86M of crypto assets were liquidated in the previous 24 hours! In which $608.04M were shorts and $121.82M were longs.

Hi everyone, In the past few days we saw a lot of price movements in the crypto market. Bitcoin went from $16k to $21k. This means that a lot of assets were liquidated, most of them were shorts. In this post I summed up some interesting liquidation statistics. The stats in the past 24h at the time of writing: – In the past 24 hours, $729.86M of assets were liquidated. – Liquidated longs and shorts: $121.82M were longs (16.69%) and $608.04M were shorts (83.31%). – 134.641 traders were liquidated. – Top 3 Liquidations: $261.41M of ETH, $240.48M of BTC and $26.38M of SOL. – The largest single liquidation order happened on Huobi – BTC-USDT value $6.84M. It’s good to see some green after a long time, but remember that a lot of people (bears) lost a lot of money during these days. Be safe over there and only invest in what you can afford to lose! Thanks for reading! ChemicalGreek Source: submitted by /u/ChemicalGreek [link] [comments]

Twitter is full of false traders

So lately I’ve come across loads of twitter accounts doing supposed 1k to 10k challenge or something similar. Some of these accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers. All would be fine if ANY of them provided any actual evidence of their trading skills. As a “proof” they post an excel screenshot…. Some provide some screenshots from their “account” where you can often see 80% win rate or more… the website is called tradetracker and it is just a fancy excel sheet where you manually enter your trades xD An example of “proof” Ultimately after they gather thousands of followers they start a paid service via discord/telegram or w/e which then provides them with real income. I DM’d a couple of these accounts and ask them to send me a screenshot of their overall PnL before I joined their discord… NONE of them answered. Whereas if you message them just for discord info they response within an hour or so xD. I still have no idea how people fall for this. submitted by /u/Chysce [link] [comments]

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What instantly turns you off to a crypto project?

As we say farewell to 2022, I thought it might be a good idea to crowdsource a basic list of red flags when considering an investment in a new project. A few of mine: Excessive use of emojis in sales pitch Absence of a detailed roadmap Promise of a ridiculously high yield Core team members described as “fully doxxed” rather than “open to public scrutiny” or similar Poorly defined usecase with no clear advantage over existing projects Mobile apps that are embedded with trackers and advertisements submitted by /u/zoomercoomer9000 [link] [comments]

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Who remembers the wild stories of John McAfee?

Share your favourite stories about your favourite shiller! Well, apart from the one with the hammock related ones, please. A few to make a start: ​ In 2017, McAfee made waves when he tweeted that he would “eat his own d**k on national television” if Bitcoin did not reach $1 million in value by 2020. While Bitcoin did not reach that milestone, it’s worth noting that it did see a significant price increase during that time period, rising from around $1,000 in 2017 to nearly $20,000 at its peak in December of that year. ​ In 2018, McAfee launched his own cryptocurrency, called McAfee Coin, which was designed to be used for secure and private transactions. The project was met with mixed reactions, with some praising McAfee’s efforts to create a more secure and private alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies, while others criticized the coin as a potential scam. ​ In 2019, McAfee made headlines again when he announced that he was running for President of the United States as a Libertarian candidate. His platform included a number of cryptocurrency-related proposals, including the creation of a “Crypto Dollar” that would be backed by a basket of cryptocurrencies. ​ More recently, McAfee has been involved in a number of other cryptocurrency projects, including the launch of a new privacy-focused coin called Ghost, and the development of a decentralized exchange called McAfee DEX. ​ In August of 2021, John McAfee’s Twitter account tweeted out a message saying that he had was alive and well and if anything would happen to him, he would be “Epsteined”. This tweet was part of a series of other cryptic messages, leading some to believe that McAfee was in danger or had been kidnapped. Later that month, it was reported that John McAfee had died of a heart attack while in prison in Spain, where he was being held on tax evasion charges. This report was later disputed by McAfee’s wife, who claimed that he was still alive and that the reports of his death were false. ​ There is a pledora of other stories, covered in several Youtube or Netflix documentaries (like his time in Belize). What are your favourite ones and what is your opinion on the late McAfee and his life? Was he crazy, a ridiculous troll, did he know more than us, did he just scam everyone? submitted by /u/Schwammosaurus_Rex [link] [comments]

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Do you believe that 99% of crypto will go to 0

If not why? There are over 22, 000 projects If 1% survive that would be close to 200 projects – that doesn’t include new projects yet to come. It’s clear this space is growing but is there even a need for 200 projects? Many projects from prior bull markets are gone, never to come back. Many believe regulation is coming and most crypto projects are deemed securities by the SEC – with bitcoin being the only exception of course You often see many shills, pumps, rugs, fraud, bots that are rampant in bull markets. Even projects with promising developers. Unfortunately the bear markets of 2014, 2018, 2022 has been a humble reminder of the risk of crypto projects – especially with exchanges going under. Institutions are cautious and governments. Long term I’m in the camp bitcoin and certain alt coins will succeed and time is on our side. Which projects do you believe in? submitted by /u/SimplyShred [link] [comments]

The most important chart of the year: After all of the drama around FTX, miner capitulation or whatever this year. Bitcoin is still going from block to block as intended.

After this hell of a year with literally the most un-predictable things happening that surely caused a lot of havoc and panic all year long in Crypto. From LUNA to FTX, this year has been literal hell for crypto. And in such a situation its completely normal that humans tend to just look at the ton of negative things happening but not focus on the positive developments in Crypto too. Even if there are not many, there are many crucial ones that are worth more than all the negative events of this year. One of that is the most simplest thing, the sheer fact that Bitcoin has been going from block to block no matter what was happening or will happen. The blockchain size of BTC is just increasing forever and no matter how huge the miner capitulation may be or the hash rate declines. Bitcoin will regulate itself and push the Difficulty down too, causing more miners to enter and drive the hash-rate back up. Its a self-regulating system. ​ Bitcoin blockchain size chart from Statista As we can see on this graph the size of the BTC blockchain is ever-increasing. Now it is as roughly 445GB as we are talking and there has never been any disturbance in that curve. No matter a bear market or some black swan event. On average the blockchain size is said to be increasing 125% in one year. So lets not just look at the negative things but at the many positive things too. submitted by /u/partymsl [link] [comments]

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Celsius in 2019 tweeted this: If you don’t have free and unlimited access to your own funds, are they really *your* funds? The rest is history.

Link to tweet The irony in this tweet is incredible. The only way to have free and unlimited access to your own funds is with your own wallet. Celsius, Voyager, BlockFi, FTX users have lost billions of dollars by trusting centralized exchange. Centralized exchanges aren’t the way how crypto should be used, Satoshi created Bitcoin as a peer-peer decentralized currency that you didn’t have to trust anyone with. You might think your exchange won’t do this, the recent proof of funds shows that most of the big exchanges –, Binance have something fishy going on. So, do yourself a favor and move your funds to an external wallet and use crypto the decentralized way! submitted by /u/norrissifford8474 [link] [comments]

Litecoin deliver 139,000,000th transaction today after 11 years w/ 100% uptime heading into 3rd halving.

12 months ago I wrote here that Litecoin had delivered its 100 millionth transaction over 10 years. In just one year it added to that very large base another 39% increase in transactions. Off chain stats tell a similar story with the oldest crypto payments processor BitPay seeing growth of Litecoin to 27% of all payments, just shy of exceeding the share of all other altcoins on the platform COMBINED. Before Litecoin was added, Bitcoin was well over 50% share while eth and bch managed around 11%. Litecoin changed the game. ​ Google bitpay stats for monthly share updates For years I’ve heard people downplay the importance of payments, they were less sexy than smart contracts, yesterday’s news, but everything moves in cycles. The cycle where litecoin outperforms smart contracts has already begun, those chains are bleeding against ltc. That’s the inflection. Since Litecoin didn’t outperform in the ’21 bull market, and thus didn’t take on long leverage it has to work off now, will there be short leverage, thanks to Mike Novogratz’s buddies that it gets to work off in the other direction? What happens next year as we approach litecoin’s 3rd halving? All we can do is look back. It’s not predictive, but it is informative. In 2015 coming out of the first cryptowinter, litecoin 7x’d outperforming everything early in the cryptothaw. In 2019 it did similar 6x’ing against the grain and with Mike Novogratz openly shorting it (I suspect he and his will be less open about what they’re doing this time). In neither instance was litecoin’s payment dominance so pronounced. It’s infrastructure was better than average back then, it’s incredible now. I absolutely believe litecoin deserves outperformance this year more than anything else out there, partly because of how much it has outperformed on adoption and how much it’s underperformed in investment. Litecoin is Deep Clucking Value. Some will say fundamentals don’t matter, it’s all just a casino, but I believe while markets are a popularity contest in the short run, in the long run they’re a weighing machine. LTC’s network has performed like a boss in every fundamental, adoption above all. Will the market give it what it deserves? Buckle up for 2023, we’re about to find out. submitted by /u/noduhcache [link] [comments]

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DeFi really isn’t that hard to learn. It just seems hard because we’ve always been used to banks taking care of our finances.

One thing holding back DeFi from being more mainstream than it currently is, is the fact that it’s perceived “hard” to learn. And yeah sure, DeFi (as with any other form of finance) has its own difficulties but its really not rocket science. With a couple days worth of research a dozen transactions here and …

DeFi really isn’t that hard to learn. It just seems hard because we’ve always been used to banks taking care of our finances. Read More »