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VISA accelerates Blockchain adoption with Alchemy Pay! Crypto payments are gaining ground!

VISA made a bold statement by adding Alchemy Pay to its 3rd party service providers list! An exciting progress that further solidifies crypto’s payment application!! It’s likely that Mastercard and others will follow the suite. Endorsement like these will further the progress and reduce the skepticism in mainstream deployment of blockchain infrastructure as well as crypto as a medium of payment (exchange)! Another exciting aspect is these incumbents (VISA, Mastercards) have ability to deploy blockchain technology much faster on their giant network so it also cuts down the distribution time! Overall, another great milestones for crypto payments and crypto in general! Can’t wait to pay for my purchases with crypto at a much larger global scale! Godspeed!! submitted by /u/Sharp_Tank05 [link] [comments]

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Your small investment is worth it

A lot of times you see articles about how these individuals have bought large sums of crypto worth thousands if not millions, and read stories about how someone sunk $5-8k into an alt and it turned into millions (if not billions). Do not get discouraged by what others are able to invest. Your $10-20 is totally worth it. We all have different jobs, different goals, different responsibilities, different investment strategies, so stick to what works best for you. Please only invest what you are okay losing, but even small sums can turn into very large gains in the future. Going to other subs seeing people buying thousands of sol or tens of thousands of matic when your goal was 100 sol or 500 matic is okay. You invest for you. Especially newer investors thinking they missed the boat and need to drop huge sums in order to play catch up — is not necessary. Throwing even $5 a week into a coin you believe in can ultimately make a difference 5-10 years down the road. We are all here with the belief crypto can create financial independence for all of us, so stick to your own strategies and investment means. No one knows if we will go up or down from here, just stay the course. submitted by /u/z0uNdz [link] [comments]

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Polygon’s major block reorg problem, and why transactions 5 minutes before can be invalidated

TL;DR: The Polygon PoS network has a unique block production mechanism (of sprintLength = 64) where 128-depth reorgs (5 minute Tx reversals) can happen as easily as 1-depth reorgs on other blockchains. It has more double-digit-depths reorgs than its competitors. Here’s why that’s happening. There are a lot of things I like about Polygon: it’s fast, it’s cheap, it has a thriving developer community. Like most EVM-blockchains, it has easily-auditable smart contracts. However, it does have a serious design flaw unique to its blockchain where 10+ depth block reorgs are happening DAILY. Block reorgs happen when previous blocks are invalidated. Any transactions from those blocks are removed from the blockchain. Most blockchains that have probabilistic finality tend to have these occasionally, but they’re usually only of 1 depths, which means only the previous block was overwritten. For example, Bitcoin has already had at least two 1-block reorgs in Jan 2023. That’s not a big issue since most clients wait several blocks before assuming probabilistic finality. But when transactions from 30-100 blocks ago get reversed, that’s a big issue. Reorgs are happening frequently on Polygon at high depths Polygon PoS: Polygon PoS has had 654 reorgs in the past 121 days, or about 5 reorgs a day A third of these had double-digit block reorg depth Every week, there’s usually at least one with a reorg depth of 30+ blocks. At 2-second block times, that’s a minute of blocks re-written. Here’s one from a month ago that had a reorg depth of 120 blocks. That’s transactions from 4 minutes before getting re-written. That’s an order of magnitude faster than slow networks like Bitcoin, but bad for a fast blockchain like Polygon PoS. The only other blockchain with more frequent invalid blocks is Solana (by a wide margin) 2/3rds of the reorgs are caused by 1 single validator, which is also number 3 on the list of top validators. For comparison to similar blockchains: Ethereum: Only had 33 reorgs in 121 days, or 1 reorg every 4 days Reorgs are all at 1 depths Thus, you only need to wait 24 seconds probabilistic finality BSC: Only has a handful of reorgs in the past 100 days Reorgs are under 5 depths. Faster block times usually lead to more reorgs while more centralization leads to fewer block reorgs. Polygon is closer to BSC with its fast 2s block times and under 100 validators. You would assume that those validators would be of higher quality and not making so many reorgs. So why is this issue so prevalent on Polygon PoS compared to other chains? Polygon uses 2 blockchain protocols for consensus: a GETH-based blockchain (Bor) for block production and a Tenderment-based blockchain (Heimdall) for validation. For efficiency, Polygon’s Bor block producers will produce sprintLength number of blocks in a row instead of switching every block before delivering them to Heimdall. That means if a validator accidentally missed blocks from the previous block producer’s sprint, they can reorg up to a depth of 2x sprintLength blocks. At 64 sprintLength, this means a max of a 128-depth block reorg. Upcoming PIP-5 update mitigates, but doesn’t eliminate the problem There is an upcoming update that proposes to reduce SprintLength from 64 to 16. Unfortunately, this only reduces maximum reorg depth from 128 blocks to 32. That means you can still get a reorg from 32 blocks ago, or about 1 minute. Much better, but still ugly. Until then, please realize that your Polygon PoS transactions are NOT final until waiting about 128 blocks or 4.5 minutes. submitted by /u/Maleficent_Plankton [link] [comments]

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Hackers aren’t that smart. Harmony hacker has tried to cash out through Binance and Huobi and was given the middle finger.

CZ, Binance’s CEO just tweeted this: We detected Harmony One hacker fund movement. They previously tried to launder through Binance and we froze his accounts. This time he used Huobi. We assisted Huobi team to freeze his accounts. Together, 124 BTC have been recovered. This is a positive development in the ongoing fight against hacking and money laundering in the cryptocurrency industry. It shows that Binance is actively monitoring for suspicious activity and taking steps to prevent these types of criminal activities on its platform. Additionally, the fact that Binance was able to assist another exchange, Huobi, in recovering stolen funds is a good indication of cooperation and collaboration between different cryptocurrency exchanges to combat these issues. On the comments CZ also stated that some exchanges are collaborative and talk to each other to prevent scammers and exploiters to cash out but that not every exchange does. Let’s hope this is a lesson for exchanges to help each other out. submitted by /u/Snowflake8050 [link] [comments]

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[HIRING] Royal portrait of my DND character and her parents; budget is $300-400 USD

Hello! I’m looking for someone willing and able to draw a portrait of my tiefling noble character as a young teenager alongside her parents. I’ve gotten multiple commissions of my character in the past but I’ve never had anyone draw her parents before. I can describe the appearance of her parents but I don’t have visual references so the artist can have plenty of creative freedom there. I’m not picky with art style but my favorites tend to be semi-realistic and/or anime-ish. The clothing style would be high fantasy with goth elements. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and you’ve been to something like /r/ImaginaryWesteros, what I want is something similar to a lot of the portraits that show up there. 🙂 Here’s a link with some past commissions of my character so you can get a feel for her appearance. submitted by /u/gengarina to r/HungryArtists [link] [comments]

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Bull run or rally (bull trap)?

So everyone here is having such a huge dilemma, I personally believe the people here can be categorized into these general mindsets: 1) FOMO into crypto now in order to “guarantee” a small profit! But risk being the exit liquidity for the people who were DCAing below 18k. 2) Wait till 21.5 k is broken so they know whether to invest in a long position (to 24.5 k another big resistance), or short it on the way back to 17.5 k (support in a shorting position). 3) Invest regardless of market movement, but smartly to adapt the DCA amounts (weekly) based on the trend. 4) Full blown DCA god mode ( Whether you have a stable income or not). 5) Put on the clown world glasses and see crypto for the ponzi scheme it is as a true Buttcoiner. 6) Watching everything from afar while mumbling “I told you so”. submitted by /u/fatfk69 [link] [comments]

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Six days ago someone send 4 BTC to Satoshi Nakamoto wallet. At that time it was worth 69K

On 8 Jan 2023 someone send 4 BTC to Satoshi wallet with a total value of $69,696 (I’m sure you all figured out already what that 69K magic number is) but what I can’t figure out is why someone would do that and why that amount was chosen. Here is the tx-id 6805b175260c47549995c3ff19c3c51596651c26269e9f1b31c243986433a0b7. Is someone messing with us ? It was Satoshi himself ? Why it happened a few days before this big pump ? There are so many questions about this and I literally don’t have an explanation for it. Here is a screenshot: (today price) and the screenshot on the day of transaction (thanks to u/rothbardd) ​ submitted by /u/A_BC12 [link] [comments]

Bitcoin has broken above the Realized Price at $19.7k which as been a key metric for all of Bitcoins history and especially bear markets.

If we talk about important indicators in Crypto, one is definitely going to be at top, the realized price. One of the most popular ones and also one of the most significant ones that was able to confirm a bottom in all of Bitcoins prior bear markets and even now it seems that it is one of the only indicators left that has not been broken. Now, this magnificent rally from $16.5k to up to $21k has put us finally above it. What is the realized price? The realized price is calculated as division of at which price all the Bitcoin were bought by the circulating supply. So in other words, its the average purchase price of all Bitcoin. The realized price was currently sitting at $19.7k, we had just been rejected by it at $21k before the FTX implosion. ​ Imported from Glassnode Here we can see how we have surpassed therealized price but there are also two other metrics that are also realized prices. The Supply last active under 6 months and Supply last active over 6 months Realized Price, which is basically the same but different supplies used for its calculation. In the past we had confirmed the 2018 bottom by surpassing all three Realized Prices. We passed two now but the Realized Prize for over 6 months is at $23k which is indeed a long way. It may be just one metric here but it is one of the most important ones and while many indicators have been broken in this bear market this one has survived and will probably always at least stay relevant. At the end, no indicator can confirm to 100% whether we have reached the bottom or other but give a general overview of the sentiment. submitted by /u/partymsl [link] [comments]

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The FOMO is strong

Caught up in the hype, I doubled down on my investments at the top in 2021. I had been in doge since 2017 and cashed out in the way down from $.70, so to some degree I was playing with house money. I promised myself I wouldn’t let market movements influence my behavior again. I tried to DCA regular investments through the bear. Despite this, I find myself anxiously watching price movements, having to physically restrain myself from deploying more cash in an attempt to chase the market. I thought we had lower to go – what if 16k was the bottom? What if I never get a chance to accumulate sub 20k bitcoin? How do you all deal with FOMO and it’s psychological impacts on investing? Edit: thanks for the advice guys. Instructions were clear. No money no FOMO. Emergency fund – meet btc. submitted by /u/CoweringCowboy [link] [comments]

The CEO of Waves Protocol just admitted that he stole users’ funds. Price of the token skyrockets.

The CEO of Waves Protocol just admitted that he stole users’ funds. ​ Announcement on Telegram TRANSLATION: I stole 93 million $ suck my dick According to the announcement tweet, He’s talking about 93M of USDC and USDT on Waves which can’t be transferred to Ethereum because of a closed gateway. ​ I only vaguely remember this token but don’t really recall what it was suppose to do, but straight up admitting to gambling away investor funds seems different… It’s also the second announcement from a CEO admitting he stole all the money from the project after the founder of CLUCOIN recently admitted he gambled all the investor funds away. ​ HOW DID THE MARKET RESPOND TO THE NEWS? Why, with a 22% gain of course! Despite the project apparently dead and the founder admitting he stole millions of dollars, investors are pouring into WAVES. I…. I got nothing. Crypto is never predicable. submitted by /u/gnarley_quinn [link] [comments]