Auspicious day for Cardano


Hey guys. Today is a huge day for cryptocurrency as a whole. UTXO Smart contracts switch on. This is a major breakthrough that took years of concerted effort to figure out and is built on decades of research. This is by no means the end and is actually the beginning of a whole new paradigm.

Soon Cardano will have an EVM for people who want to use the old ways and continue with solidity and an accounts based system.

The beauty here is that Cardano has a computational layer separate from a settlement layer so many solutions can be plugged into the chain.. opening up the space to diverse array of solutions over the coming months and years.

Only a few more hours until this happens! We don’t know what will happen to the price in the short term, and it doesn’t matter.

Congrats to all the ADA hodlers on this sub !! And to all the crypto holders in general.. this event is bigger than people think. It solves a problem that Satoshi and friends couldn’t .

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