ATTN: there is no confirmation that this dip is over


I’m seeing a lot of “x is already recovering 10% from the dip of 20+% we had a day or so ago.” With mentions of this being already behind us. There is a very good chance this is a relief rally and the overall markets will continue to fall once the world starts its work week. There are a lot of FUD opportunities on the menu in the short term like:

• Evergrande round 2.

• Omicron variant data coming in.

• US possibly defaulting on debts (even though this has happened a bunch and the debt ceiling is raised).

• general inflation reports with global recession/depression concerns.

•Clarification of Indias crypto “ban”

There’s probably more that can be peddled as FUD seeing as we haven’t had any news from China in a little bit too lol. Most people are also going to be going into the holidays at work in the next 1-2 weeks and businesses will be finishing their Q4 reports so there will probably be a lack of volume in the coming weeks as well. January is a historically bad month for crypto in general and this is the perfect time for a down market over the next month or so.

TLDR: can’t say dip is over in a day due to relief rally, weekend volume, and lots of bearish news/historical times in the near future.

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