Attention for BAT (Brave)


There are soo many shitcoins out there with ridiculous models and horrendous tokenomics.

BAT, the native currency of the Brave ecosystem has an actual business model, and if everyone started buying this token, you can see gains higher than DOGE, GMT, MANA, THETA, …and many other coin runs. Somehow people are happy to put money into epic garbage, but when it comes to a solid investment they’re not interested? People lose money everyday following low marketcaps, and get burned over and over. Why not BAT? It has remained in the top 100 for years, while others have now gone below and out the top 100 list. The team is pretty good as well.

Not only are you investing in a project that buyback its token from the market for advertising distributions (, you will literally squeeze the supply; if we all band together in this bear market and buy BAT. There are only 1.5B tokens, and 99% of supply is in the market. Grayscale also has investments in BAT. Is it me or what is up with the crypto market? Somehow logic, and long-term investing basics are not even in the radar?

[EDIT] : People ask why the coin?

[My Reasoning]: The coin is required for the advertising model used by Brave (the browser). If people want to earn BAT (opt-in) they can chose to view ads in return for BAT tokens. The idea is that your attention is valuable and advertisers who wish to run promotions in Brave must buy BAT (from Brave or the open market) to run campaigns. Part of this BAT goes to you the user who opted to see the ads.

Personally, I can see a lot of value here, futures in BAT should be quite busy if companies start advertising and want to hedge their marketing budgets etc. There is actual real world dollar going into buying BAT, which are then redistributed via the Browser. Not many projects out there buyback its own token, or have real economic value coming in. These are the reasons I feel everyone should hold the coin in some quantity, as it has so much potential.

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