At the end those who wanted to get rich quick got poor even quicker.


Last year’s Crypto rally brought in a ton of people who just followed the basic principle of getting rich quick here. After looking at some senseless shitcoin rally 100% in a day they thought it would be easy. And that mindset basically made them invest aggressively and without thinking, now those have likely already exited the markets with sone hefty losses.

Everyone who wants to get rich overnight is wrong here, in fact they are wrong everywhere. If you are really early on so e projects you can get like some 3x to 5x but for more than that you gotta wait for years and have luck that no bear market kills your holdings.

In the face of greed many may end up not taking any profits and rude with your crypto to the bottom and sell there out of fear. So basically buy high sell low. Just set some realistic targets and you will at least be better off than chasing delusions.

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