ASA Akita is waaaaay different than ASA Akira


My favorite Alt Coin is hands down Algorand (ALGO) and I heavily invest in them. I have never sold and have no plans to sell for years. DCA every pay!

Anyway, ALGO has Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) which are essentially coins within a coin. Akita Inu is gaining a lot of attention within the Algorand community because they are climbing in volume and are currently priced at $0.01.

I just wanted to give some background before I get to my point. I Googled “ASA Akita” and I must have fat-fingered it and typed “ASA Akira”. ASA Akita is another dog coin. ASA Akira is apparently a Japanese pornstar who absolutely loves anal. The more you know! 🤷🏾‍♂️

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