As someone who first bought BTC in 2012 for $3…


There’s no fucking way I would have held those coins. I never, ever would have held it until now. Shit, I wouldn’t have held it to $6. For a number of reasons. First of all, at the time bitcoin was used almost entirely for Silk Road purchases. There were exchanges (I’m looking at you Mt Gox and the 45 BTC I lost there) but anyone I knew using bitcoin was only using it to buy drugs online. Really fucking good drugs.

If I hadn’t lost my BTC to Mt Gox and the FBI when they seized all Silk Road wallets, I would absolutely have used it to buy more hash or acid or Hulu passwords. Happily done so. Because for the first time in 15 years I could get clean acid and the idea of it being purchased and delivered to my front door anonymously was a fucking game changer

It’s fun to look back and think “what if”, but the truth is I would have either lost my keys or spent it on something else.

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