As an underpayed 21 year worker from Latin America while I study, crypto changed my life and my finance


While I study I’ve worked and moved with my parents so I can save more.

I make about 5 dollars an hour so I don’t really make that much, since the pandemic started I’ve grinded my ass off working Overtime to make as much money possible. Bought myself a ledger and EVERY single penny I’ve made… I’ve invested.

I managed to buy one ETH back when it dropped at 1800 a few months ago, DCA’d Bitcoin at 28k and let it ride and for the first time I got out at the top, passed to USDT all of my crypto and what a clutch decision that was.

Now I got EXTREMELY lucky cause as much as grateful as I was for 2-3x in my capital I wanted more and I knew if I reinvested in BTC and ETH I wasn’t going to make more than 10-20% over what I had, so I took 2 weeks to analyze new projects and new opportunities for higher gains and this is where it gets crazy…

One dude said in here to invest in loopring, took a look at the project I liked it and YOLO’ed the shit out of my capital I doubled my capital in 3 days;

Then I did the same shit I invested in decentraland all of my funds and profits and did a 200% with MANA

Took my profits again, invested in Sand box because an ad made me curious about it and another 250% gain

Now I don’t know why literally 4 days ago my dumb ass thought you had to buy CRO to apply for a card in so I bought enough to get me the indigo, and just before I staked I realized it’s not supported in my country, but I left it there and now I’m almost 100% up.

Idk whose watching out for me, all my life I’ve had the worst luck ever, now I’m able to finish college without my dads paying for it and I finally got a job that pays me well and I can invest and live well off of my salary, thank you guys cause y’all were a good part of this.

My new insanely 10Xed capital will go all to ETH AND BTC and I plan in investing in new metaverse cryptos with my DCA salary, cause I haven’t won the game yet, profits are made in low cap real use startups, and you distribute the profits for wealth protection.

Peace, stay safe and I love you!

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