As a crypto OG who laughed at noobs freaking out over small dips, you’ve all now finally earned your veteran status


This crash is a significant one, and it could get a lot worse. Top 10 coins have gone to nearly zero and multi-billion dollar stablecoins are depegging. This isn’t the worst crash I’ve been through though. Remember when Bitcoin would have a steep drop and some people would comment things like, “Oh you sweet summer child, you haven’t seen anything yet.” And then that person would get downvoted by people saying crypto can’t crash like before because it’s too mainstream? Well here we are. This is not a dip, it’s a proper crash, so congratulations! You are now a crypto OG.

The decisions you make during this period can make you a lot of money in the future. If there’s one regret I have from previous crashes, it’s that I didn’t accumulate more BTC and ETH. Altcoins can be a dangerous play, but the two big boys are pretty damn resilient in the face of disaster.

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