Are You Still Following The “Only Invest In Crypto What You Can Lose” Rule?


Everyone knows the first rule of crypto is “only invest what you feel comfortable completely losing.” I certainly started out following that rule and was terrified of putting in too much money (or telling my wife I had anything invested in crypto for that matter). Over the past few months I’ve noticed that I seem to only apply that to investments in non-blue chips. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t have to sell my house if the market crashes and I don’t mess with leverage, but I just don’t feel like BTC/ETH/LINK and a few others (probably ALGO, maybe Moons) are at a very high risk of going to zero.

It may be stupid or naïve of me, but it feels like there’s so much more institutional support and news coverage for the big names than there used to be that a 100% loss on those couple of coins feels unlikely. I’m still following the old rule for ERG/MATIC/ONE/TIME/etc. though. Is anybody else doing this too? Am I just an idiot who’s on a path that leads to selling both kidneys? I understand the audience that’s going to read this, but I’m here for the confirmation bias, not sound financial advice.

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