Are you disappointed in any project that you have invested in?


I’ve seen a lot of shilling around, so I thought that maybe we should try to do the reverse.

Are you disappointed in any project that you invested in? Not taking from a speculative point of view (price going up/down), because everything is down now, but about what they had to offer.

I’ll start:

I was so hyped for GRT, especially since Vitalik talked about it, but in the end I didn’t see anything to come from it.

I’ve also thought SNX. ALGO were very hyped around, but didn’t impress me with much in the end.

Even though LINK and AAVE are going down, I can see their utility in the future.

Apart from these, I’ve seen people talking about ADA or DOT or Solana (lol), but didn’t bother much to look into it.

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