Are you bullish on monero ?


monero is one of the most loved, revered and trusted coins out there. Imo it embodies what the ‘OG hardcore coder’ cypherpunk community valued back in the early days of btc.

In terms of developers, 3rd biggest group of active/contributing devs working on it. It’s the no1 trusted currency used on the dark net —it’s actually the only currency allowed/used on WHM (the biggest dark net market). It’s a coin that has an actual utility, an active dev team who consistently deliver and is a trusted, fungible, secure, fast, cheap and ‘working’ medium of exchange. People who’s life depend on privacy choosing to use xmr is says a lot about monero’s rep. Many say it’s “what people think they got when they bought bitcoin”. And many are saying that the dormant, massive ‘btc whale wallets’ are waiting till atomic swap liquidity picks up and then they will make the switch into monero as it is now better than btc and represents the original vision of the cypherpunk community more than btc now (post chain analytics“). I actually believe this will happen too ..but that’s just speculation and opinion.

My question is: are people bullish?

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