Are You All Starting to Understand Toxic AF Bitcoin Maxis Now?


New crypto users often mistake the conduct and attitudes from experienced Bitcoiners as them just trying to protect BTC bags and “outdated technology”. What new users don’t understand is that these people HAVE SEEN SOME SHIT.

Imagine living through not just the Terra/Luna meltdown but also witnessing Bitconect, The DAO hack, Mt Gox, and hundreds of shitcoins, rug pulls, ponzis, and exchange hacks. Imagine getting burned yourself (perhaps several times) and then watching it constantly happen to new people. Imagine how every four years, right after the Bitcoin halvening, all these new people show up with their “new toys”. (2013 alt coins, 2017 icos, 2021 NFTs) and zero experience and stubbornness and watch as they completely ignore the advice from people who have spent years in this space.

Bitcoin is just different. There is no leader. There is no premine. There is no changing the finite supply or the economic properties. Its real decentralized money and the reason we even understand the word “blockchain” today.

Here’s to all the new Bitcoin maxis that will be born during this crypto winter. May you be toxic af and may you do a better job protecting new retail investors than the SEC ever has.

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