Are we early? Internet vs Crpyto


Everyone, including myself keeps asking if we’re early. I don’t know shit about fuck so I’m going to say yes.

I’m also going to put in in perspective with the rise of the Internet Bitcoin launched in 2009 and kick started the crypto revolution. The Internet launched to everyone (beyond governments and big Corp) in 1994, just 15 years earlier

In 2006, after 12 years the Internet was being used by 16% of the world’s population. Fast forward to now and 66% of the world are using the Internet.

Today after 12 years of crypto its estimated around 4% of the world’s population invest in crpyto.

So even the Internet, which none us can imagine living without has taken nearly 30 years to reach two thirds of the world’s population.

As adoption of crpyto continues to roll forward the figures will grow and you can consider yourself lucky to be in the minority of the world’s population for now. Cause if I know shit about fuck, which I don’t, its that we’re early.

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