Are Memecoins the People’s Coin?


As of today, a memecoin meme template has officially won the Reddit memes best meme template of 2021 and this brings up the popular discussion of memecoins place in crypto. We all know that 2021 was huge for memecoins with the sudden adoption of Doge and Shiba Inu that sparked huge runups in market cap. That being said, is there more to come in 2022?

A non-trader will see a coin worth 0.00000000xx and think “If I buy this and it reaches $1 I will be rich!” or “Dog coin go brrrrr” and often does not take market cap in consideration. With everyone looking for the next doge or shiba if one of these low cost coins becomes available on a big exchange or some kind of stock app (Robinhood specifically) it almost certainly would take off.

For discussion, was 2021 the year of the memecoin or will 2022 be even bigger? Do you think memecoins are dead and a thing of the past or will they grow to be an even bigger staple?

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