Are billboards still relevant in the grand scheme of things in the cryptocurrency space nowadays?


Basically do you guys remember the beginning of BSC where everybody was fixated on marketing their own coin through billboards and what not, I’ve been wondering currently, what kind of relevancy do they have in the grand scheme of things nowadays? Basically from the top of my head I can remember some old coins that were pushing themselves through all of the billboards, or even nowadays some newer coins like ZHAO are doing the same thing. Although this is all BSC, if we’re going to talk about something bigger like BTC or ETH, they used billboards in the past as well, does it actually do anything for their publicity or is it just useless and is irrelevant? Besides that there’s all kinds of marketing done for crypto in general, for an example sporting events like the Super Bowl, you could see your favorite coin being put in the highlight somewhere, isn’t that more useful than a simple billboard? If you have any thoughts on this let me know, I’m curious on hearing everyone’s ideas here.

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