Anyone notice something strange about the Cardano ADA posts recently?


Cardano is launching today on bitstamp (in about an hour). Also, the small exchange etoro decided to stop hosting ADA.

All yesterday and last night posts all over Reddit were spreading FUD about the etoro delisting of ADA and the price was falling.

A large amount of the ADA etoro FUD posts were made by users with new accounts. After a while, regular users started to repost the FUD so not all the posts are questionable.

Could folks be spamming FUD about ADA hoping the price drops more before it jumps back up today when it launches on bitstamp?

Check out the user accounts on the new ADA posts about FUD, let’s make sure we aren’t allowing trolls to manipulate anything!

Just a heads up, I already saw a couple Cardano FUD posts spreading false and speculative information, which I commented on and corrected… the posts and accounts were deleted soon after… saw a few other questionable FUD posts too

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