Anyone else out there who has zero plans to sell?


I have been lurking in reddit-land for years, but have never posted anything; figured I’d start here since Blockchain tech has been my main interest for many years.

Anyways, most of the posts i see talk about selling into fiat and getting new cars, houses etc… i personally see a shift on the horizon where crypto currencies ARE the currency and i have, from day one, never planned to sell into fiat. (Not saying there is something wrong with that, because there isn’t. Especially if it gets you more crypto. Situations vary.)

Aside from a massive mistake i made in 2011/12, i have been hanging on. I do want to have a seperate porfolio for day trading soon. But this is to slurp up more crypto, not fiat.

Anyone else out there on board with this mindset? Genuinely curious how many people out here are floating the same raft as me.

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