Anyone else not give a s*** about this “bull run” and just going to “hodl”?


Title. I have about 100k in the “primary” coins and a SLEW of alt coins.

Almost everything is staked (that can be) and the rest is just sitting and waiting for gains.

The FUD is real and impulse buyers / sellers are just a bump in the road. It feels like there is a new shillcoin almost every other day. Pump and dumps happening left and right.

My wife made a Coinbase account today and asked me what to do. I told her, “I dunno, I made my CB account almost 15 years ago. You can see my first BTC transaction from back then”.

After all these years, nobody knows s*** about f*** and I’ve made more just hodling than buying in to shills.

P.S. Bitboy is a con.

Edit: many people commenting on my “15 year comment”. I get it, it wasn’t around that long ago. I was having a general conversation with the wife and she was asking how to make her Coinbase account. I told her, “I don’t know, it was like 15 years ago. Just follow what they ask…”

Then I proceeded to teach her how to make money off of the rewards program after she verified her account. Obviously, it wasn’t 15 years ago. As is proof from the image below.

first transaction

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