Anyone else feeling strangely unaffected by the recent crash?


Honestly i used to panic everytime my portfolio lost 5% or something like that, but i just care less and less. Even if some of my positions are pretty deep in the red right now, i just dont care.

I only bought projects i really really believe and i am a sure they will all bounce back sooner or later. I was not planing to sell anything anyway so why bother. This might be the norm for the crypto veterans out there, but for me this is a completly new feeling. Maybe i am feeling this way because i did not buy into the shitcoin hype, because something tells me eloncumrocketdogcoin will not recover after a long bear market like btc and eth will.

If it dips futher or bounces back , i could not care less. I will countinue to DCA and HODL either way 🙂

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