Anyone can buy and hold during a bull market but only the people who actually believed in it will stick with it in the bear market.


Crypto is on a 1.25T market cap. A few months ago that could have been the market cap of Bitcoin alone. Altcoins fell like 25% in a day. Bear markets are just brutal but that brutality is needed to filter the hype crowd from people who actually believe in the project. That way we get to see how much we actually grew during this cycle.

As many say “everyone can be a genius in a bull market”, just like that anyone can hold their crypto during a bull market and calm themselves an investor. But a real investor must be capable of going through the worst scenario and still stick to his/her plan or adjust it accordingly.

After like a year we can definitely call ourselves crypto investors, no matter how much you invested. If you stick with it during this hell you actually believe in it, a lot. See you on the other side.

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