Anybody else see these massive dips and get hungrier because you can buy more crypto for less?


I don’t know if the crypto fever has completely consumed me at this point but while people are screaming and crying over the red, I’m smiling and buying. I DCA every week and my averages are looking awesome, even if my overall value is down over the past 6 months. When I first got into crypto I treaded a little too lightly and didn’t invest what I should have. Now we are on the cusp of rolling back some of these crypto values several years and I feel like my second chance is coming. Barring a societal collapse from which we never recover, I look forward to some steep economic declines if it means I can buy up a lot of crypto for way less fiat. Have I completely lost it or is anyone else on the same page as me as far as this potentially being a huge buying opportunity? I don’t know about you boys, but I’m stacking up like a mad man right now.

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