Any blind or severely visually impaired people here? Do you find crypto accessible? What aids do you use and what needs to change?


My father is completely blind but uses an iphone and computer with screen reading software. I’d like to help him dive into crypto a bit more and teach him how to access my funds if something happened to me.

Also I believe we shouldn’t leave out the blind community on this it needs to be accessible to the disadvantaged, my dad constantly complains that he hates paper money because he doesn’t know if he’s pulling out the right bill and has to trust the honesty of the cashier/person to give back the correct change.

Just curious how easy or hard it is to use crypto and if there is any special aids you use to be able to do it independently, I know statistically they have to be a few of you floating around, maybe you can advise me on how to help my dad learn

The biggest thing here is he needs to be able to do everything independently and not have to rely on another person for anything

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