And in a turn that surprises no one, Dems now want to apply Capital Gains Tax to UNREALIZED GAINS. Oh but don’t worry, it’s only for billionaires…right now.


These clowns cannot help themselves. So let’s see, just off the top of my head – if we went with Democrat tax plans from this year we would all be classified as brokers and have to register as such simply to trade crypto. It’s also an evil tax haven, so they also need access to our bank accounts and knowledge of all money coming in or out of said accounts (as long as the account had 10k in/out, wow so the privacy of people unable to invest is still safe whew). And now, they want to tax gains that aren’t even gains yet. How does that even work? They force you to sell so you can pay taxes on something that hasn’t even made you any actual fiat yet?

Fuck politicians, and extra fuck Democrats.

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