An important WARNING: keep your money safe for a few days. USDT also deppeged from 1-1 and there is EXTREME pressure on USDT and other stablecoins as people are trying to cash out.


Ladies and gentleman, please keep your money safe for a few days / weeks. Stop holding stablecoins if you can. USDT has been deppeged 1-1 for the last 7 hours, with the highest daily trade volumes ever:

Other stablecoins are suffering the pressure as well as people try to cash out. This may be nothing really, and I hope it’s nothing. USDT has hold for so many years. But we better be safe than sorry. This is just a warning for people here and I hope everything goes smoothly for USDT and other stablecoins during the next few days where the pressure for cashing out will be kinda high. I’m sorry for everyone that lost on the Terra / Luna disaster, remember money is not everything and you learned an important lesson. Also, people with money on Celsius and other high APY “projects”, please think twice before going for a promise of double digits APY.

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