An account with more than 5mill in MOONS has been airdropping thousands of tokens to users


I’m unsure if I’ve missed an announcement or something, but there appears to be a mysterious account airdropping Moons to users.

This account currently has over 5 million in MOONS and has been cosistently transfering tokens to users. You can view the transactions on the blockscout, and it is clear that there are thousands of distributions being generated.

I can’t seem to identify any particular patterns, other than it seems to be related to a wallet that is used for burns and minting.

The wallet connections seems to suggest that its coming from the admins? Based on the distributuion amounts, it also seems to suggest that users who remained active during the last few months are getting more of a share. Does this mean users are getting reward for staying through the bear?

Thanks to whoever is doing this. People love getting free stuff.

EDIT: The distributions is still going, so the account now has less than 4million. How low will it go?

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