AMA: We’re Witek Radomski – CTO of Enjin, Chris LoVerme – Developer of Age of Rust, and Joe Thornton – Activist at Fight for the Future, and we’re here to make the case for why Valve should reverse their ban on blockchain and NFT content on Steam. Ask us anything!


On Oct. 14th, Valve made the snap decision to prohibit the sale of blockchain games and NFTs on the Steam platform. We believe that these types of technologies are the future of interactive entertainment, that open vast opportunities for creativity and innovation for both users and developers.

Web3 games are a fast-moving and exciting category of games that have a place within the Steam ecosystem. It is critical for the future of blockchain games that Valve changes their stance on this issue and permits tokens and, more broadly, the use of blockchain tech on the Steam platform.

Today, Fight for the Future, Enjin, and The Blockchain Game Alliance, along with 26 blockchain game studios, are launching an open letter calling on Valve to reverse their ban on blockchain and NFT related content on Steam.

We’re here to answer your questions about blockchain games, and more specifically why they belong on Steam (and beyond)! Ask us anything!

/u/witekradomski – Witek Radomski, Enjin CTO /u/Chris_SpacePirateG – Chris LoVerme, Age of Rust Developer ​​/u/fightforthefuture – Activist, Fight for the Future

P.s. If you’re a blockchain game developer and would like to voice your support, please sign the letter!

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