AMA – StarkWare, the team behind StarkEx (DYDX, Immutable, Sorare) and StarkNet, building ZK rollups to scale Ethereum


Hello, very excited for this first AMA! We are StarkWare, the team behind StarkNet, a ZK rollup scaling Ethereum

We have various members of the team hereu/ShaharP u/Kindly-Nebula-2322 u/Odd_influence3441 u/bbrandtom u/IVstark u/henrlihenrli u/Buenos_dias123

We’ll be here this afternoon (European time) to answer your questions!

Are you a dev looking to deploy contracts on StarkNet? Check this out

Learning Cairo syntax from 0

Deploying an ERC20

Deploying an ERC721

Building a front end

Building a cross layer application

In general, our educational repositories go here

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