Am out, but good luck beautiful people


Yes it’s one of those annoying posts 😄 I recently got rekt by the Luna/ust fiasco, over all lost 28 k, but kept my job, family & sanity.

It’s not that I don’t believe in this space & it’s potential (including Luna), but I realized it was taking some much time & effort to the point that I was ignoring my friends & family. Don’t get me wrong; money is amazing & it can help us do nice things to ourselves & loved ones, but the constant attention I was giving to crypto (it’s also my bad) was too much.

I have withdrawn what’s left, removed all social media and crypto related apps/sites.

Even though I lost so much money but honestly I feel relieved and free. I wish each on of you all the best of luck, try to manage your time & enjoy life.


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