Am I too late to the game?


Lately it’s been feeling like I missed the boat with Crypto.

I doubted it for a long time. Easily could have been mining BTC back in 2011, it just bought a few if I had the foresight.

Now BTC just hit it’s ATH and ETH has too. I put my first investment into CRO and it doubles in a week. ONE & LRC seem promising, but… When? I invested into those and they both dropped.

Now with Reddit taking community points like moons sitewide, those are going to have big increases in value just as I’m getting started. I’m fine to ride the wave of crypto with a small investment but none of it is going to be life changing or even life improving money, and it feels like crypto is just starting this bull run. I’m not one to take a loan out, so I’m dealing with spare $ every paycheck, and it feels like I’m very, very late to the game.

Did I miss the boat? Am I going to have to wait 4 years for the next cycle to begin, and just steadily DCA in hopes of a nice rise in 2025? Or is there something I’m missing?

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