Am I the Only One Who Experiences The Success Of Shiba Inu With Pain


I keep seeing Shiba Inu rising 20% 40% 35% and it just won’t stop…. It frustrates me that good projects can never experience this or it is a 1/1000 that it happens. Shiba Inu is a coin with 1 goal,´dead dogecoin´ that is NOT even useful. And yet people are selling their assets to buy shiba on the ATH.

I am surely not the only one who cannot stand this. Summary is clear: crypto so far is more about the hype of the coin than the goals of the project…. We experienced this with Dogecoin and now with Shiba Inu, Shiba Inu almost reaches the top 10 and for what? For being better than doge….

What are you guys opinion on the succes of Shiba Inu?

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