Am I missing out on bitcoin?


As the title says, am I missing out on bitcoin? Am I being greedy? My thinking is, I’ll never be able to invest enough in bitcoin or even eth now to ever be financially comfortable from it. I’m not talking “fuck you” money, just comfortable. My strategy was to invest heavy in alt coins such as ada, vet, enj, matic, ckb and a couple others. I figured if I acquired enough like 1000s of each I’d have more returns in 5-7 years. I figured even if I dumped my whole savings and retirement in bitcoin I’d maybe get 1.5. 75k worth. Let’s say bitcoin hits that 100k mark I’d only double my money (which is great) but wouldn’t I have better odds and greater returns with the bigger alt coins? Or am I being a dunce? I’d love to hear your thoughts and strategies.

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