Almost all “NFT Gaming tokens” will be dropping to zero as soon as the cycle is over. Maybe even sooner.


ICOs are back and this time they are disguised as “gaming tokens”. Just like all of them flopped, NFT gaming will probably have to suffer a similar fate. Here are a few reasons why I think that:

Getting started with NFT games can cost a few thousand. And this is just to get started. They all boast about a play-to-earn model but no one is telling you that you need $3k to actually have a chance to earn. There are very few people that actually have that kind of money to throw into the fire so there is very little chance any of these games manage to acquire a decent player base.

Most of these games aren’t even games. They are just roadmaps and promise that you will get a game but you need to wait. ICO survivors still have PTSD from Soon™.

Commenting NFT gaming on Ethereum is pointless at this point. It’s like paying $50 to make one move in a game of chess that you are trying to play for fun.

Lastly, most “games” I found that are actually playable on cheaper blockchains like Wax or Fantom are either simple clicking games or very shitty ones made in Unity.

I can give props to Gods Unchained and a handful of others but it is really not looking good so far. Crypto marketing is pushing the Metaverse narrative but if you actually use blockchains you know that there is still no Metaverse out there. We just hope that it will get here sometime in the future.

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