Almost $635.41M got liquidated in Past 24 hour. – Coinglass


Past 1H: $341.93M

4H: $415.88M

$161.67M ≈2.92K BTC

$159.14M ≈38.85K ETH

$26.57M ≈39.15M GALA

$23.86M ≈3.45M SAND

$18.44M ≈92.02M DOGE

$15.89M ≈3.37M MANA

$13.34M ≈14.07M XRP

The largest single liquidation was of $12M on Bybit value of $12M

In the past 24 hours, 159,580 traders were liquidated. The list goes on every second Bitcoin drops, some greedy whales are even getting liquidated on shorts with high leverage. Imagine getting liquidated on a short when BTC is going down.

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