Algorand just updated and vastly improved their website to include vital statistics on their Blockchain, adoption news, and more logical website navigation.


Algorand just dropped a new update to their website that took utilized much of the community feedback. Before the update, the old website was confusing and did not do a good job of summarizing and marketing.

This new website includes vital statistics on the Algorand Blockchain and ecosystem such as address, TPS, finality, and decentralization.

The new website also includes news updates about Algorand adoption and events happening within the community.

It is an exciting time for Algorand owners because, besides the initial bad tokenomics (which has been turned around with the end of accelerated vesting and the start of governance), Algorand has always had somewhat a marketing issue and now Algorand seems committed on improving their marketing with advertising at sporting events and an overhaul of their main website.

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