ALGORAND is gonna be BIG


I am happy to see this amazing project is starting to get some real traction. But I would consider it still early and massively underpriced when thinking how big this is could turn out to be. I am not gonna go into much technical details of Silvios creation. Just browse through their official website, their papers or detailed articles.

But considering:

its PPoS makes it fast (roughly 4sec finality) with tps planned to go from 1k to up to 46k

cheap (small fraction of a cent for a transaction)

unforkable and secure (1000 validators are chosen at random to confirm blocks)

green (barely energy needed and carbon offsetting)

already somewhat decentralized, with actively working to increase it and also novel governance vote (for eg token distribution) with high rewards

a very slick and simple to use offical algo wallet

Defi building up with yieldly, tinyman and algofi coming up

Bahamas and El Salvador already using Algorand tech

Miami and Mayor Suarez going big with Algo (Decipher Event), committed part of his salary to receive in Algo

Even Vitalik praising Algo and Silvio

Fundings like 1,5 bill Hivemind fund committing to algo as first partner, Arrington Capital, Borderless capital announcing new 500mio fund and skybridge announcing to build with unblox 5 new market places

algo pushing to be a place for creators, institutions and financial inclusion it will be massive in a few years continuing to innovate with state proofs for bridging, working on vaults etc

This is not investment advice, but I besides BTC and ETH there is nothing i feel so good about besides Algo. And I am glad to be early and looking forward to a growing community of Algonauts, growing attention in social media, growing ecosystem and more technical innovation to come! Ciao ragazzi!

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