Algorand has settled 8.5 Million transactions in the last 7 days, with an average of 1.2 M per day. Since 2019 it has produced a block every 4.4s without interruption w/ transaction costs of $.0005. FIFA, Universal Music Group, and Nigeria are all building on Algorand. It’s good to be an Algonaut.



Other cool stuff about ALGO Tech:

Algorand has amazing developer resources and documentation.

You can program dApps on Algorand in any of these languages:

Python, PyTEAL, Java, JavaScript, Go, Reach


Additionally, Algorand is launching elegant and innovative “state proofs” that will allow for trustless interoperability between blockchains. Most don’t realize how HUGE these state proofs are:

The Big Picture

Algorand State Proofs fortify cross-chain applications with Post-Quantum security. By using advanced cryptography, ASPs can withstand attacks by powerful quantum computers that try to alter the reported state of the blockchain, providing a robust, portable source of truth about on-chain data.

From trustless bridges that move assets across blockchains to decentralized oracles that export valuable on-chain data, people will be able to leverage Algorand’s fast, cheap, and reliable protocol in new ecosystems without trust in an intermediary–they only need to trust the security of the underlying blockchain itself.


Other big announcements:

Nigeria(200m Population) just announced a technical partnership with Algorand:

Universal Music Group, the largest music corporation in the world is building a music NFT marketplace via Limewire on Algorand:

FIFA, the largest sports organization in the world(Billions of fans) announced a technical partnership with Algorand:

To me Algorand is the most reliable way to transact value with others. Cheap, Global, Instant, Secure. Large corporations and countries are realizing this and jumping on board.

In the 2 years I’ve been using it, it has never once been delayed or down. Every time I press send, the transaction is complete in 4.4 seconds almost like magic.

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